Established in 2013, Travelishq Tours has had an incredibly progressive , or as we like to call it , an adventurous Journey!

In these marvellous Six Years, We’ve come a long, successful way and we are extremely grateful to our Valuable Guests, who have helped us Arrive!  Today, we pride ourselves in excelling as one of Country’s finest Cultural Group Tour & Leisure Trip Operators.

We firmly believe that it’s the absolute trust and the much abiding faith of 12650+ Content Clients, that has made it possible for Travelishq to carve its niche in the National & International Tourism Sector.

At Travelishq Tours, the emphasis has always been on Personalization and Flexibility , across a range of authentic experiences in India as well as exotic , overseas destinations. From the widest range of package choices to  the optimum booking rates suitable to budgets of all segments,

We’ve got it all covered!

We offer quick and easy bookings along with personalized support, making the entire Travel experience quite smooth and extremely comfortable for our Guests!

We offer services that include Travel planning, Itinerary designing, Hotel bookings, Ticket reservations, Visa assistance;  carrying extended specialization in UAE , Singapore  & Malaysia.

It is our pleasure to announce that at this 7 year mark, We enter the New Year on a futuristic bandwagon , driving us to new Horizons in the Tourism Industry.

Beginning in 2020, Travelishq will be expanding its expertise in developing and implementing Corporate Travel Solutions!

Our Team of Leaders – from our expert executives and dedicated agents – are committed to delivering the best Business Travel Experiences.

Our Vision

Ensuring, Engaging and Enriching timeless travel experiences by consistently providing quality and innovative services to All!

To become the most Trusted and highly sort after , Guest – centric Company in Tourism Sector Worldwide.

Our Mission

To be the catalyst in inspiring and fulfilling all patterns of Travel; and providing our guests a truly profound and memorable experience EVER!

Management Team

Founder & CEO : Mr.Omkar Sawant

Mr. Omkar Sawant, a truly nomadic soul, believes that the Beauty of the World should not be limited to a handful of eyes. Instead of being a  matter of luxurious choices, travelling should be a basic human right. As per him, we all deserve to explore this magnificently amazing World!

He backs up the fact that Vacations & Holidays are the ultimate therapies for every Human Being. And hence, he dreams of making Travel affordable to All!

With achieving an impeccable academic record in his pursuit of a Post Graduate degree in Management in Travel & Tourism, Mr. Sawant also developed an insatiable desire to see the World. He began his enterprise, then named Travel Mania,  right after he graduated in the year 2012, from the prestigious DY Patil College for Hotel Management and Tourism.

Being a  well versed traveller and a formidable entrepreneur, Mr. Sawant has been instrumental in developing the judicious combination of the Joys of travelling with easy on the pocket packages! With capturing new arenas and reaching new milestones, he came up with a new, befitting name , ‘Travelishq Tours’

Mr.Sawant has been leading and managing group tours for over 6 years, and has extensive experience of Asian and European Touring Destinations. His ceaseless passion and enthusiasm  for detail oriented travel experiences, make it a truly remarkable trip for the members of his Group Tours.

And now, We’ll let the Guests do the talking here!

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